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Key action points from the ASB-NGO Connect exploratory meeting

Some key action points that came out of the first ASB-NGO Connect meet are :

ASB to launch a website for the NGO Connect program which will connect the students, Faculty members and NGO teams. This will carry the Vision & Mission of the Program along with Newsletters, Activity Reports and Case studies.

We will form an Advisory Board comprising of members from ASB as well as the partnering NGO’s to regulate and plan activities. The idea is to have regular interaction amongst NGO’s and ASB both at our Campus and in the Field to share knowledge and collaborate. An events calendar will be prepared with regular meet ups.

We will disseminate these ideas with the student community and encourage their participation with the NGO’s to create lasting social impact. Internships and Research projects are on the cards.

Consent of the NGO’s will be taken before publishing any content. ASB will use such case-studies for sharing with Government bodies and Industry partners in a responsible and impactful manner.

ASB will prepare a list of partner NGO’s by sector & by geography, then engage with them to understand their processes and needs

Faculty members with the help of volunteer-students will come up with ideas to streamline processes and share best practices with NGO’s


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