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About us

Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore imparts broad-based and specialized programs in business education, preparing individuals to face the ever-growing challenges in the business environment with confidence. We are striving to put into practice our Chancellor's vision: "An education for a living, and education for life", by inculcating future managers with compassion for the fellow human and regard for the environment.


As part of our capacity-building actions, we are excited to share our collaboration with Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) or NGOs to provide knowledge and volunteer support on challenges in their domain.

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What We Do

The initiative aims to bring academicians, researchers, MBA students, and civil society organizations / NGOs together to enhance knowledge exchange and outreach.

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Food Donation Volunteers

Key objectives

  • Promote Knowledge exchange and shared learning between faculty members and students from ASB and founders, employees and volunteers of NGOs. 

  • Engage with civil society organizations to identify the emerging risks and challenges faced by the sector. 

  • Facilitate outreach and volunteer work for faculty and students. 

  • Aid in the development of students and scholars as emphatic, compassionate leaders. 

  • Leverage the research culture at ASB to deep dive into key issues faced by partner NGOs, disseminate knowledge to a wider public, and influence policy-making. 

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Join the Cause

Interested in knowing more about the initiative?

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